Name: Erica Honeck(F)
Affiliation: Istitute for Environmental Sciences – University of Geneva, Switzerland


Erica Honeck is a PhD student at the Institute for Environmental Sciences – University of Geneva, Switzerland. As part of her PhD thesis, she will be involved in WP4 – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Workflows. Her main focus will be on the elaboration of a workflow for the “Green Infrastructures” framework, defined by the European Commission as a “strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areas”.

The Green Infrastructure framework is used as a policy tool to promote the multifunctionality of landscapes and is based on three main pillars: key habitats for target species, connectivity and ecosystem services. It is related to SDG 15 concerning the protection of terrestrial ecosystems to halt biodiversity loss, as well as Aichi Biodiversity Target 2 of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 involving the integration of biodiversity values into national accounting and reporting system.

The objective of Erica’s thesis is to implement a national Green Infrastructure in Switzerland trough spatial conservation prioritization. Within the GEOEssential project, she is working on linking essential variables to indicators for Green Infrastructure pillars and related Aichi and SDG targets at European scale.