UNICAL – Italy

The University of Calabria was founded in 1968 and is made up of 14 departments each comprising a number of laboratories and research centres. The Documentation Lab (Labdoc) was created on April 23, 1996 as a research unit belonging to the once Department of Linguistics and brings together all the expertise in the areas of archival and documentation studies at the University. Today it is part of the Department of Languages and Education at the University of Calabria. The Documentation Lab is a national reference point in the field of Information and Knowledge Management and has been recognized as an accredited Unesco Centre.

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Prof. Roberto Guarasci (M), Full Professor in Documentation and Information Science with expertise in knowledge management and acquisition, semiautomatic indexing and classification techniques. He will be involved in WP1.
  • Dr. Antonietta Folino (F), University Researcher with expertise in the field of information and document management, in particular in the compilation of textual corpora, and in the definition of Knowledge Organization Systems (e.g. classification systems, thesauri, etc.). She will work on WP1.
  • Dr. Assunta Caruso (F), Research Technologist with experience in corpus compilation and analysis, terminology extraction, and in building Knowledge Organization Systems. She will participate in WP1.

Key expertise

The research activities that characterize the lab include:

  • construction of domain-specific lexicon, thesauri and ontologies;
  • terminology extraction;
  • semantic disambiguation;
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • classification of digital documents;
  • semantic interoperability among Knowledge Organization Systems.