Author: Ivette Serral

This WP is focused on defining gaps in terms of products, standards, services and data access through GEOSS and Copernicus. These gaps are analysed against the existing EVs defined for each GEOEssential Workflow and coming from a defined unified list of EVs, mainly coming from the results of the previous ConnectinGEO H2020 project. Existing services are currently being analysed and will be soon confronted to EVs needed in the workflows to better understand gaps. These gaps will continue the previous work done in ConnectinGEO regarding identification and prioritization.

Regarding stakeholders engagement, new contacts will be stablished beyond the European Network of Earth Observation Networks – ENEON through the stakeholders provided by each partner in GEOEssential. These new contacts, together with the already existing ones, will be added to the ENEON graph and will be linked to their related EV and SDG, and these linked to the environmental policies behind them. This connection will be done dynamically by using google spreadsheets API to retrieve the values needed to enrich the JSON-LD file pushing the ENEON JavaScript graph.

Current status of the ENEON graph, which will be interlinked to EVs/SDGs and environmental policies.

ENEON will then ensure that all networks are contributing cross-domain valuable resources to GEOSS and to the achievement of the SDGs and the EVs through promoting the creation of an EV initiative in the next revision of the GEOSS Work Program. This will reinforce the concept of EVs in the GEOSS community to start discussions on how to extent the EV concept to other communities.