Name: Marta Gómez-Giménez (F)
Affiliation: Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre


Marta just joined the GEOEssential project in May 2018. She is a post-doctoral researcher at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre working at the Quantitative Biogeography working group, which leads the workpackage 4 on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services workflows. Her main contribution to this project is the development of workflows to monitor essential biodiversity variables and ecosystem indicators using Copernicus products, and GEOSS tools and services.

Marta is an expert in environmental remote sensing. She defended her doctoral degree in Earth Observation from the University of Zurich, in 2017. Marta has been involved in several research projects within the Copernicus Programme: SAFER, GMOSAIC, and RECOVER. Since 2009, she has used remote sensing data and tools to monitor and assess pressing environmental issues within the framework of several European and national projects related to glaciers status, emergency support mapping, forest fuel mapping services, REDD+ activities, nutrient balance in agroecosystems, land-use intensity, and gross primary production.