SRI – Ukraine

Space Research Institute was established in 1996 at the National Space Agency of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for organisation of scientific space researches in the country, conducting and co-ordination of scientific and engineering activities in the area of peaceful exploration and use of outer space.

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Prof. Nataliia Kussul (F) is Deputy Director and Head of Department of Space Information Technologies and Systems at Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU. He will work on WP1 and WP8.
  • Prof. Andrii Yu. Shelestov (M) is the Leading Scientist with the SRI NASU-SSAU, and a Professor with the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. He is Full professor in Computer Science. He will work on WP1 and WP6.
  • Mykola Lavreniuk (M) is Junior Scientist at the SRI NASU-SSAU and PhD student in National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. He will work on WP3 and WP6.
  • Andrii Kolotii (M) is Senior Scientist at the SRI NASU-SSAU with PhD in Information Technologies. He will work on WP3.
  • Bohdan Yailymov (M) is a Senior Scientist at SRI NASU-SSAU with PhD in Remote Sensing. He will work on WP2

Key expertise

Scientists from SRI NASU-SSAU have strong expertise in the areas of remote sensing, GIS, EO services, satellite data processing, geospatial data fusion, ICT, machine and deep learning approach, pattern recognition, high-performance computing, education, and precision farming.

SRI has been involved and led numerous national and international projects on the use of space technologies targeting agriculture, food security, and environmental monitoring. SRI is strongly involved into the international collaborative activities contributing to the GEOSS (GEO-GLAM, JECAM, Disaster WG, AIP), CEOS, International Charter “Space and Major Disasters”, ICSU-WDS.

Activities of the SRI are being carried out within several international projects. Most recent ones include the ESA Sen2Agri project; EC FP7 “Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture and its Impact on the Environment in support of GEOGLAM”; and H2020 ERA-PLANET project “The European network for observing our changing planet”.