The methodology proposed in GEOEssential is based on and is going beyond the outputs of the ConnectinGEO project that identified key gaps in the definition of GEO Essential Variables. The main idea in the project is to build concrete demonstration workflows that will be using Essential Variables served by the GEO infrastructure to derive policy relevant indicators. This goal-driven methodology is split in several work packages that are closely interlinked. The GEOEssential project is addressing Strand 2 of the ERA-Planet project (Resource efficiency and environmental management), but it is also clearly connected to the three other Strands through their common data infrastructure . The methodology of GEOEssential is built on the following pillars:

  • Essential Variables
  • Knowledge base
  • In Situ data
  • GEOSS services
  • Copernicus services
  • Workflows
  • Dashboard
  • Management

Overall workflow and work package structure