The VLAB Workshop will be held on the 26-28th of February 2019 in Florence, Italy.

Relevant information is available at the workshop web site at: .

DRAFT PROGRAM of the VLAB Workshop has just been published

All ERA-PLANET strand projects partners are invited to a workshop dedicated to the VLAB (Virtual Laboratory) as a component of the ERA-PLANET data and model sharing infrastructure.

Interested partners please REGISTER HERE for the workshop.

The Virtual Laboratory Platform (VLAB) is a tool for publishing and running scientific models for knowledge generation. It has been designed and implemented in the context of national, European and international projects and initiatives. From the positive experience in the H2020 ECOPOTENTIAL project, the VLAB has been proposed as one of the major building blocks for the ERA-PLANET Knowledge Platform.

The VLAB workshop is an opportunity for participants in the ERA-PLANET project, to work together on the vision and implementation of the ERA-PLANET Knowledge Platform, discussing and experimenting the functionalities and planned enhancements of the VLAB.

The VLAB Workshop will have a duration of three days. The first day is dedicated to an Introduction to the VLAB in the context of the ERA-PLANET project, including presentations of results achieved in GEOESSENTIAL and other projects. The second day is dedicated to an hands-on session for teams that aim at starting or finalizing the porting of their models on the VLAB. The third day will include a discussion about potential enhancements of the VLAB.