New light pollution tracking tool (https://lighttrends.lightpollutionmap.infodeveloped by GEOEssential partner Christopher Kyba (GFZ)

New interactive map shows light pollution in a world map.

Please read more in English and in German. 

It was reported on by Science News, Spiegel Online and also NBC News

Christopher Kyba said :

Over 10,000 people accessed the app within the first few hours of the Spiegel story, and so far today about 9,000 charts of light trends have been generated, with the data downloaded 19 times. So I’m very happy with the launch!

The above press release and news mentions GEOEssential funding when talking about the app.

The code underlying the app has been released, is online (and citable) on the GFZ library server, under the European Union Public License (EUPL license).